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Olly’s story started 7 years ago. After discovering a natural rapport with the guitar, he started playing at The Rock Project in Bristol where he met Andy Norton, pro-guitarist and member of bands The Crimea and Cursor Major. Andy’s mentoring inspired Olly, opening his eyes to the possibilities of the guitars vast range of sound and tone. From that point forward Olly was a guitarist, naturally drawn to the timbre of the standard steel string acoustic.

When his primary school education ended, Olly was accepted into Bristol Cathedral Choir School, winning a prestigious Music Specialism place at the highly ranked Bristol school. His time there was spent honing his craft and learning about music in depth. But most importantly, getting the opportunity to regularly perform, both as a solo artist and in bands, in concerts at major Bristol venues such as The Colston Hall and Bristol Cathedral.

Outside of school Olly was also performing whenever he got the chance, at open mics, local gigs and community events. It was at an open mic on Chandos Road in Bristol that Olly was first spotted by Andy Allen, a folk fiddle player, but also a retired music producer and talent scout. A chat and a phone call later Olly went into partnership with Developing Creative Music Ltd where he met music industry veteran Danny Chang (Korig Roots, Dozy, Singapore, Kentish Spires). It was at Danny’s Piggery Studio in the heart of Wales that Olly started recording and writing his original compositions, including Lighten the Load, Olivia and Alke.

However, this is only the beginning of Olly’s story…

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Olly's personal musical style can be heard in his small, yet mightily impressive, body of work.

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